Ladies. Kick. Ass.

23 October 2010

Sometimes all I need is a few videos of women kicking the shit outta music to make me happy.

6 Responses to “Ladies. Kick. Ass.”

  1. the veruca salt video made me want to be 15 again… thanks 🙂

    • didion Says:

      What a great video. And a great song — not sure any of their other stuff ever measured up, but I’ve now re-watched this video about 15 times, and how great it is!

  2. tamcho Says:

    How about some Elastica?

    or very early Sinead O’Connor?

    • didion Says:

      Yes! Elastica! How I loved that album as a teenager. And Sinead O’Connor — if only I’d been less fearful and more willing to shave my head. Thanks for these!

      • tamcho Says:

        Just thought of another kick ass performance…this is what – in essence – female creative collaboration can sound like, enjoy 🙂

      • Didion Says:

        Wow, this is the best thing I’ve seen in YEARS. Time to put Polly Jean on the shuffle.

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