It’s, like, Texas.

25 September 2010

What does it mean?

My impulse is to laugh and think of my undergrads, who’d say it with a big lilt at the end:  “It’s, like, a whole other country!”  But then I think, is it supposed to convey opposition to the rest of the U.S.?  Does it mean Texas is merely different and more exotic than the rest of the U.S., even though it’s not another country?

On the one hand, this plate embarrasses me, as do many of the ways Texans express pride for their state.  On the other, it makes me want the job of coming up with the text for specialty license plates.  Oh, the possibility for ambiguity, irreverence, revolution.


3 Responses to “It’s, like, Texas.”

  1. JE Says:

    Is Rick Perry still talking secession?

    • didion Says:

      He hasn’t done so much since about 18 months ago. He’s currently running for re-election and the polls indicate he’s ahead of the Democrat by about 7 points, but Nate Silver’s utterly trustworthy-sounding 538 blog still gives Perry an 85% chance of winning. (The Dem isn’t very exciting.) We can look forward to more secession talk from Perry (and more views of his scarily perfect hair) once the Reps win again.

  2. didion Says:

    News of a campus shooting at the University of Texas, Austin are swirling around the 24/7 news cycle — yet this STILL doesn’t convince me that Texas is another country, or just “like” one. In fact, considering that we seem to have campus shootings far too frequently, and they take place all over the country — in Illinois, Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey. Texas is just like the US.

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