Defined by Netflix

30 August 2010

All those years of Generation X dropout culture and don’t-define-me superiority have made me reluctant to admit it, but this is now the truth:  Netflix has nailed my viewing habits.  When I login, their site offers me suggestions under the following categories:

  • critically acclaimed foreign buddy pictures
  • cult crime comedies
  • dark workplace TV dramas
  • witty romantic movies featuring a strong female lead
  • visually striking emotional foreign movies
  • dark dysfunctional family TV shows
  • understated thrillers

And with that, they’ve turned me into a niche consumer.  There are only a few detail the site still hasn’t figured out:

  • critically acclaimed films by female directors
  • anything by Lucretia Martel
  • films that pass the Bechdel Test

I’ve been working on a longer piece, but the new semester and finishing the Hunger Games series have eliminated my free time just recently.  More soon!

3 Responses to “Defined by Netflix”

  1. Hattie Says:

    I share the stream with my husband, who watches only adventure movies! But isn’t it great how many films are available for free?
    Looking forward to your next piece.

    • didion Says:

      I suppose I’m lucky that my partner is so distracted by other things that I’m left in complete control of the Netflix queue. Well, aside from those nights when one of my BBC period dramas gets nixed in a great show of mocking my sentimental tendencies.

      I hate to plug corporations, but Netflix really works for me — and according to the news in the last two weeks or so, it’s only getting better (more instant streaming films, and even faster than usual after their theater release ends). It’s got more films and delivers them more quickly than any company worldwide I’ve heard of; my Canadian friends bemoan the slow delivery times for comparable companies, for example. (And here’s an official “you’re welcome” to Netflix, which should now consider becoming a sponsor of my blog.)

  2. didion Says:

    Oooh, a new one: Cerebral Action & Adventure. Should I be disturbed by the fact that I’m so delighted by all of this?

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