The joys of footie, for JE

18 June 2010

…who has only severely limited access to YouTube (for which I am most sympathetic).  Here are a few videos to celebrate the pure unadulterated joy of immersing oneself in soccer during the World Cup.  First, the greatest commercial ever made for sports:

Second, because Monty Python should always be invoked in even years:

And finally, just because, The Butt Dance:

More on women, feminism, movies, etc. tomorrow.

3 Responses to “The joys of footie, for JE”

  1. JE Says:

    A million thanks from the residents of CrappyComputerLand!

    The Monty Python bit does indeed fit well with Domenech’s coaching style during yesterday’s France-Mexico match.

    And the Buttdance! Amazing!

    Thank you!

    • didion Says:

      At least the English can tell themselves that the French are no better than they are. That’s about all one can say for the English.

      I’m sure it’s already evident, but the Butt Dance can be watched multiple times for increasing enjoyment. A fellow connoisseur of the Butt Dance, Nan F., confessed that it gave her so much pleasure that she almost cried.

      • JE Says:

        I had to watch it twice, then I had to call M in from the garden to watch it twice again.

        I’m pretty sure I’m going to think of the Butt Dance every time I go out for a run for a while (being a bit out of shape). The music has the perfect beat for a quick run.

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