15 May 2010

In a few days I’ll be undertaking the academic’s summer ritual:  I’ll leave the country to do research for the summer.  This blog will continue to keep my mind in the cinematic world of women and gender while in real life I become very odd as a result of long days of mostly-solitary researching, transcribing, and writing essays. (Collective thanks to Skype here.)

So let’s all say a collective prayer that my solution to make Netflix stream overseas will actually work, as I’ve got more than ninety films in my Watch Instantly queue and want the chance to reduce the list.  Especially those films my partner refuses to watch with me, like the three-hour “Into Great Silence” documentary about Trappist monks. (For him, my eagerness to see this film encapsulates the differences between us.)  Secretly, I also have on the list the low-low-lowbrow Amy Poehler/ Parker Posey/ Rachel Dratch film “Spring Breakdown” — so don’t worry that my posts for the near future will be all about te deum.

Here’s the thing about summer:  us professors re-boot.  “Streaming” is such an apt word — it’s not just the no-teaching schedule, it’s the mode of thinking that permits us to finish writing that article, that overdue book review, that conference paper without the constant interruptions of a typical semester.  Hooray for stream-thinking.

2 Responses to “Streaming”

  1. servetus Says:

    Did it work?

    • didion Says:

      Not in the least. Nor did any of my attempts to figure out how to jerry-rig the system with online tutorials. I also found a lot of similarly cranky bloggers griping about the problem.

      Luckily there’s lots of things streaming online beyond Netflix, but I’m sad not to be watching “Into Great Silence.”

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