Hobags unite!

10 April 2010

Here’s what they hand out to students at my campus:

I can’t believe I’m complaining about a condom, but it’s the most perverse birth control message ever:  don’t make any more hobags like you.  Does the damn logo have to show a porno woman on her back?  Moreover, if you go to Hobag.com (but really, please don’t), you find women’s t-shirts and “booty shorts” (sigh) that proclaim its wearer as a HOBAG in big letters.  Or SKANK.  There’s a couple of guys’ t-shirts too; to be precise, 11 products are for women, and 4 for men. But half of the men’s t-shirts look like this:

There’s a larger conversation to be had about the use of irony and self-reflexivity in advertising (Bitch has a smart post about the Kotex ads that make fun of “feminine protection” ads) but this isn’t ironic anymore.  This is just misogyny.  Die, Hobag.com, lest I send Lisbeth Salander after you.

8 Responses to “Hobags unite!”

  1. AZ Says:

    This is awful. You should volunteer to join them and then covertly cover the sexist stickers with stickers that say, “I love sex!” “I love my/your vagina/penis” and “More gloves, more love!” And other pro-sex/pro-protection messages.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. didion Says:

    No kidding. I realize that Hobag.com is probably using these free condoms as easy advertising to undergrads, but if only we could launch a movement against them.

  3. AZ Says:

    I’m going to email them.

    • didion Says:

      Fantastic! And thank you. Be sure to report if they respond to your email — I’m dying to know what they say.

  4. servetus Says:

    Wow. Had I known. They gave me two, and I actually did give one to a student. Gulp.

    • didion Says:

      Sometimes I can’t help doing close readings of the mundane. One can’t be faulted for seeing this simply as a condom.

  5. JE Says:

    And note that the message is for women (I’m guessing only women can be “hobags” — a term that was new to me). No message for men.

    So it’s women alone who are responsible for contraception?

    Yeah, I realize they’re not thinking about such messages; they’re only trying to be funny. But honestly.

    • didion Says:

      Yes. Funny. Ha. Ha.

      I suppose in theory a hobag could be a man (that website did have a couple of t-shirts for men), but perhaps only in the way that very occasionally we call a man a bitch. Which gets directly to your point, JE: when the fuck are men going to be responsible for birth control? And does women’s control over contraception have to come with this viciously misogynistic message about their sexuality? Argh.

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