Wacky news story about boobs!

6 April 2010

Women march topless in Portland, Maine!

According to the Boston Globe, these two dozen or so women marched to make the point that “a topless woman out in public shouldn’t attract any more attention than a man who walks around without a shirt.”  Not all of the 367 articles about this event mentioned that fact, but some journalists relished what they characterized as the “hypocrisy” of the marchers — “Topless Women Shocked that People Like to Watch Topless Women,” snarked CBS News.

Whatever.  I’m all for women going topless, and for it being not a very big deal — and I have no problem with the marchers’ tactics because thanks to them, I now know that women are legally permitted to go topless in public in Maine, New York, Hawaii, Texas, and Ohio.  Yay, Texas!  One of those rare chances to think that the state is more permissive than California.  (Let’s just not fool ourselves that this story is anything more than grist for the usual mill.)

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